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Main Beach Apartment

Set on the 21st floor of a Main Beach apartment tower, our client’s unit sat in complete original attire.

We were initially contracted to renovate the unit as previous quotes had been “up in the air”.

After visiting Hasl Haus, our clients knew they had found what they had been looking for. So begun their renovation journey with Hasl.

The Brief: Create a modern, yet classic and timeless look. Retain warmth. Create a practical and liveable space on an affordable budget.

The Process: The view (somewhat of a major distraction during the installation) had been obscured from the kitchen.. We enlarged the opening, taking out the high top and converting to a friendly breakfast bar. The lounge/dining now flowed into the kitchen. What a wonderful transformation!

The bathrooms had previously been dark and uninviting and were freshened up with a light mushroom tile with white vanities, toilets, brushed chrome semi frameless shower screens and chrome accessories. All were enhanced with instant start LED down lights.

The laundry was revamped from a cramped and poorly laid out space with new cabinetry to enhance both look, storage and space. The correct lighting selection as well as quality gloss tiles created openness and warmth.

Lighting was replaced with ambient, quality light. Soft tone white paints finished off the entire renovation.

The Result: Our clients enjoy a revitalised space and are more than comfortable in their new surroundings. Soft, demure furnishings enhance the rooms and radiate peace and tranquility throughout this loving abode.


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