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Mirror Splash Backs

Mirror Splash Backs
20/02/2019 Hasl
Mirror Splash Backs

Let’s Reflect, Mirror Kitchen Splash backs

Are you thinking of renovating your kitchen?  One of your decision will be what splash back  to use.  Mirror splash backs never fail to impress and thanks to digital printing the choices are on limited by one imagination.  We just love them!  The addition of a mirror splash back elevates any kitchen to a new level creating stunning elements that enhance your home.

Different to regular mirrors, splash black glass is put through a rigorous process called ‘toughened’ where the glass is subjected to extreme heat and cooling. The result is the splash back will then withstand moisture & high temperatures ensuring it will not crack, warp or shatter.

Add Light

One of the many benefits of mirrors are their light reflecting qualities

Add dimension

A really lovely feature is they reflect the view and create a illusion of space

Easy Clean

You have to love that! Mirror or glass splash backs are more hygienic, especially in a kitchen as there is no grout, just a seamless flat surface, panels can be installed up to 3 metres in length.


The great thing is it will always look like new!


Their ease of installation makes mirrors comparable with other splash back option.


Available in a range of tints from silver, bronze to grey and black. If you like something different and even more exciting is the addition of a pattern to create a decorative feature. 

Mirrors are a beautiful addition to any home, not just as a necessity but as a gorgeous, timeless design feature.  Don’t just save the for the bathroom or kitchen renovation!

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