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Planning a new Kitchen? Here are some great Light Ideas

Planning a new Kitchen? Here are some great Light Ideas
04/10/2017 Hasl
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Hasl Bathrooms Kitchen Laundry Renovations Gold Coast

Hasl Bathrooms Kitchen Laundry Renovations Gold Coast

Planning a new Kitchen? Here are some great Light Ideas

If there’s one room in the house that needs great lighting, it’s definitely the kitchen. Not only because you will need acute lighting for the intricate delicacies that you prepare for your family and friends, but because in many households, the kitchen is gradually becoming the heart of the household.

Besides cooking, the kitchen is sometimes the place where families gather to spend their evening, where friends hang out with coffee, where breakfast is served in the morning and where children finish their homework. For these and many more such homely and fun activities, kitchens need specialised lighting that will serve all of these purposes.

Natural light is always the best option. If your kitchen has one or two large windows that allow adequate sunlight to come in, then you probably won’t need any lights during the day. But what about them dull days or in the evening?

We have narrowed down a few choices of kitchen lighting for your convenience.

Kitchen Pendant Lights

The idea here is to hang a light (like a pendant, hence the name) in the areas where you would require light, such as the cooking area, the breakfast table or a specific kitchen counter where you do most of the work. The pendant lighting adds a focal point to the kitchen — its vertical element gives the kitchen structure and draws our eyes through the space.
These lights are mainly used in low-ceiling rooms and are usually fixed in length; although some lights can be adjusted in height according to need. They are available in a variety of designs, from ceramic to glass.

Recessed Lights

Recessed lights are lights that are recessed on your kitchen ceiling, usually in a row and covering almost the whole room. These are wonderful if you are looking for a well-lit kitchen with light reaching every corner of the room. If your kitchen has recessed light, you can work around your kitchen and not just in any particular corner, and have no trouble looking into upper and lower cupboards, kitchen islands or even in the in-built pantry.
Modern recessed lighting done well combines a highly functional lighting solution with a clean aesthetic to work, cook, dine, entertain, or relax. Whether installing a new recessed light or replacing the trim, we offer a wide assortment of options.

Over and Under-Counter Lights

This type of lighting is more decorative than useful and is used as a complementary to work lights. They are placed on the top of the counters and they spread a warm glow and low light throughout the room.
These lights are sometimes used for the purpose of keeping switched on throughout the night to find one’s path since if used efficient LED bulbs, they are very inexpensive.

The same idea goes for under-counter lights, which are placed under hanging or floor counters to illuminate part of the room. Your kitchen lighting choice should be based on your budget, your kitchen needs and your general décor of the house. The kitchen is an integral part of the house and should be planned carefully and with consideration.

Fluorescent Lights

Perhaps the most common type of lighting used in the kitchen is the fluorescent light that has been in use for decades. Though these lights take some time to work and may flicker every now and then, they were also four to six times more efficient than any other type of lights in the market and give brightness without any shadows. If you still want to use fluorescent lights in your kitchen, there’s an enormous selection of modern, sleek glass lights or chrome designs to go with the décor of your home.

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